f(x)’s Luna and Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers for “Electric Shock”

Following Krystal, Sulli, and Victoria’s teaser photos, f(x) has released Amber and Luna’s teasers for their upcoming album, “Electric Shock.” Much like the previous teasers, today’s photos also follow a similar dreamy concept with each member wearing mysterious “blue eye” contacts.

“Electric Shock” will be released on June 10 through online music sites such as Genie, Melon, and Naver Music. The title track under the same name, “Electric Shock,” is reported to be an electric dance track with addictive melodies, featuring fun lyrics about falling in love. The album itself is to come with six tracks, including “Jet,” “Zig Zag,” “Beautiful Stranger,” “Love Hate,” and “Let’s Try.”

The hard copy of the album will be available from June 13. Stay tuned for more updates!