Lee Byung Hun: “I Could Not Believe My Hand Print Would Be in Hollywood”

As we reported before Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki left their hand prints at the Hollywood Grauman’s Chinese Theater on June 23-24. They joined the “Look East Festival” and left their handprint on the “Walk of Fame.”

On June 7, Lee Byung Hun gave remarks on having put his hand prints on the “Walk of Fame” during the photoshoot interview for “1st Look.” (He and Ahn Sung Ki were the first Asian Actors to have their hand prints and foot prints imprinted. I remember writing this article in the past and people claiming that I did not do my research. I could not find Jackie Chan on the Wikipedia or the official website for the theater. If you have evidence please post a link in the comments.)

Lee Byung Hun stated, “It is said that most popular stars get their hand print imprinted on the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ however, because the limited amount of space in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the process of deliberating who will have their hand print imprinted is very particular. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news that I would have my hand imprinted.”