A Pink Reveals Their Diet Secrets

A-Pink has officially started their hardcore diet! The girls began their diet in preparation of their activities for their 1st official album, title song “Hush.” A-Pink is mainly eating sweet potatoes and eggs. Occasionally they are eating squid as a special meal. After 6pm, they do not eat at all. They mix up exercising and dancing.

Due to the diet, member Bomi and Yookyung lost 4~5 kilograms. Even the member Son Naeun who is supposed to have an “Ant Waist” joined the diet as well.

Son Naeun stated, “I joined the diet because I thought my lower body was a bit chubby. While working out I injured my leg by accident and now I cannot exercise a month before our debut.”

Jung Eun Ji stated, “During the early hours, I was always busy boiling eggs and sweet potatoes. Because we have 7 members, we would go through a whole pack of eggs within 2-3 days. But, while we pursue our activities, we cannot keep our strict diet because fans send us so much delicious food.”