After School Reveals Secret to Staying Thin: “We Don’t Eat After 6PM”

After School, who started their official promotion cycle of upcoming single “Lady Luck” in Japan, appeared in Japan’s TBS “King’s Brunch.” Kahi, who recently announced her graduation from After School, appeared with the fellow members and talked about her future plans.

Kahi said that she will be participating in After School’s Japanese promotion schedules, which includes After School’s encore concert in Tokyo on June 17 and all the other After School related Japanese promotional activities until early September. Once After School’s Japanese promotion finishes in September, Kahi will return to Korea and start preparing for her solo career.

On “King’s Brunch,” members of After School were asked what the secret behind their amazing, shapely bodies. After School answered that vegetarian eating habits and regular exercise allow them to keep their shape. They added, “We stop eating four hours before bedtime. We usually go to sleep around 10pm, so we don’t eat anything after 6pm.”

Meanwhile, After School’s 4th Japanese single album “Lady Luck/Dilly Dally” will be released on June 13.