Sohee Reveals Her Secret to Learning English

Wonder GirlsSohee participated in the filming the “Soul Food” segment of KBS “Story Show Do Dream” with fellow member Ye Eun. Sohee told the audience that she gets a lot of questions about how she learned English and revealed her secrets to learning English.

Sohee revealed that she studied popular American TV shows like “Gossip Girl.” She downloads both Korean and American subtitles to TV shows and watch them repeatedly, writing down and memorizing words she is not familiar with. She recommended this method of learning English because it is much preferable to her than studying any books and also, TV shows allow her to learn words that are most commonly used among Americans in their daily lives.

Ye Eun praised Sohee’s diligence in learning English, “Sohee is the best in listening and understanding English among Wonder Girls members. She always finds time to study and learn.”

This episode of KBS “Story Show Do Dream” featuring Wonder Girls’ Sohee and Ye Eun will air on June 9 at 10:25pm KST.