CN Blue’s Kang Min Hyuk Reveals Why He’s the Drummer

On June 7th’s episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together 3,” Kang Min Hyuk revealed many unknown facts about himself. He shared that he has never, ever been to a club and that there is a reason why he is the drummer of his band, CN Blue. “The reason [that I am the drummer] is because I have two left feet.” The exact word he used was “mome chi,” which translates into someone who can’t dance.

He also added that, “CN Blue members will meet up and drink together and have fun, but we never go to clubs.”

When asked if he is dating, Kang Min Hyuk replied that he desperately wants to date, but that he can’t at this moment. He also added that when he looks at a girl, he is known among his band mates to be the one that does not react like how a man would when seeing a beautiful girl. He looks at girls as if they were “rocks”.

He also admitted that during his high school days, he never received a gift from his female peers. Even on Valentine’s Day or Peppero Day, girls did not give him any gifts. He confessed that, “I did wait in anticipation for a gift but never received one.”