Comedian Jung Hyung Don Does 90 Degree Bow to Infinite

On June 7, rapper Defcon wrote on Twitter, “There are so many idols at ‘M! Countdown.‘ I got to say greetings to them. We, Hyung Don and Dae Jun, also wore headset microphone for an amazing performance just like our senior idols do.” He later added a new comment along with a picture. He wrote, “A snap shot with Infinite! They said they’ve listened to all of our songs. It was a lot of fun. They told me to work hard.”

The revealed photo shows Defcon and comedian Jung Hyung Don, who got together and formed a comic hip hop duo Hyung Don and Dae Jun, bowing to 90 degrees to Infinite. Although members of Infinite are much younger than the duo, they are still seniors to Hyung Don and Dae Jun in the music industry. While Jung Hyung Don and Defcon are paying their respect to Infinite, members of Infinite are standing with their hands put together behind their back.

Netizens commented, “Jung Hyung Don’s 90 degree bow just proved Infinite’s seniority,” “Hyung Don and Dae Jun. What a polite rookie duo,” and “Why do I find Infinite funnier in this picture when it’s Jung Hyung Don who’s bowing to them?”

Meanwhile, Hip Hop duo Hyung Don and Dae Jun had their first live debut stage of “The Song That is Worse When You’re Feeling Down” on Mnet “M! Countdown.”