Secret’s Hyosung Proves Bagel Girl Status

Secret member, Hyosung, proved her status as a bagel girl–a term Koreans use to describe a woman with a baby, youthful face and a glamorous, curvy body.

On June 7, Hyosung posted a selca photo on her Twitter with the caption: “A selca photo gift for you guys before I sleep. You can say it’s a commemoration for being able to perform in Japan? I am doing very well.”

In the revealed selca photo, Hyosung is wearing a stage outfit that shows her cleavage with a cute expression. She not only showed off her baby face, but also her voluminous body to prove her mature, yet sexy beauty.

Netizens and fans who came across the selca photo commented: “Her face is that of a baby’s but her body is glamorous,” “She is really the perfect bagel girl,” and “She still have curves even though she went on a diet.”