Kara’s Kang Ji Young Takes an Intimate Photo with A-JAX’s Hyeong Kon

Kara’s Kang Ji Young revealed a photo she took intimately with A-JAX’s Hyeong Kon. On June 8, she wrote on her Twitter, “I have an oppa (older brother) now!” Along with the tweet, she attached a picture.

In the photo, Kang Ji Young is with A-JAX’s Hyeong Kon, who is her junior in the same agency. There are two shots of them close together, which caught the eyes of many netizens.

A-JAX’s Hyeong Kon is a junior to Kara in the music industry. However, he is five years older than Kang Ji Young. He is currently 24 years old. The two seem very close in the picture, almost like they are real siblings, which made many male fans jealous.

Meanwhile, A-JAX is busy promoting after having their debut stage for their title song, “One 4 U.”