New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 June Week 2

F(x) mini-album Vol. 2 – Electric Shock (June 13)

01 Electric Shock
02 Jet
03 Zig Zag
04 Beautiful Stranger by F(Amber+Luna+Krystal)
05 Love Hate
06 Let’s Try

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F(x) makes a comeback this summer with their second mini-album titled, “Electric Shock.” The title track is of the same title and is an energetic electronic dance number. The song compares falling in love with an electric shock. There are a total of six tracks in this album.

Boohwal Vol. 13 – Purple Wave (released)

01 Return to Innocence
02 Revival
03 Don Quixote
04 Head Up
05 Pluto
06 1982
07 Cold
08 Beard of God
09 Color of Merging
10 Adding the Name of Love

Rock band, Boohwal returns with their thirteenth studio album titled, “Purple Wave.” The title track is “Cold,” a rock ballad with lyrics about one-sided love. There are a total of ten track in the album including “Color of Merging” and “Adding the Name of Love.”

Hyung Don and Dae Jun – Gangster Rap Volume 1 (released)

01 Intro
02 Gloomy Song
03 To Be Or Not to Be
04Pitiful Gun Carriage (feat. Boni)
05 Olympic Street

Hyung Don and Dae Jun have come together with their first album, “Gangster Rap Volume 1.” The album took one year to complete and comedian and member of the group, Jung Hyung Don composed and penned all the songs. The title track is “Gloomy Song,” a hilarious hip-hop number about a broken-up couple.

Buzz (single) – Return (released)

01 Heart is Crying
02 Heart is Crying INST

Buzz, who had released a special album, “Fuzz Buzz” last November, returns with a brand new single titled, “Return.” The title track, “Heart is Crying,” is a sad number about a man’s feelings soon after breakup. The song was composed by Buzz guitarist, Yoon Woo Hyun.

Wheesung/Lee Seung Woo (single) – The Lyrics – No.1 (released)

01 Should I Catch a Cold
02 Should I Catch a Cold INST

Producer, Choi Gap Won releases his first project album titled, “The Lyrics.” Choi is known for producing albums for top artists such as Gummy, Baek Ji Young, IU, Zia, and Wanted, among many others. The first single for this project album is “Should I Catch a Cold,” a collaboration featuring Wheesung and Soul Star’s Lee Seung Woo. Listeners will be able to hear Wheesung’s emotional rap and Lee Seung Woo’s vocals.

Other Releases
Lady Stella – Lady Stella: Juma Power (June 11)
The Beam – First Step (June 12)
Infinite – Infinite Showcase (June 14)

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