Shin Se Kyung: “The Doctor Said I Hit Puberty When I Was 8-Years-Old”

On the most recent episode of KBS2 “Entertain Relay” that was aired on June 9 at 9:15PM KST, actress Shin Se Kyung opened up about her precocious childhood. She said, “The doctor made the diagnosis that I hit puberty when I was eight-years-old.”

She continued, “I used to cry in the living room when I listened to Kim Dong Ryul and Lee So Eun‘s ‘Miracle.‘” When asked if she ever wanted to run away due to the stress of making an early debut, as her debut was through the music video of Seo Taeji and the Boys in 1998, she admitted, “I did want to run away. I wanted to end everything. But when I look at the finished product on TV, all my stress goes away, and I feel proud.”

Shin Se Kyung also admitted that her favorite song to sing at the karaoke was a Girls’ Generation song. She explained, “I am close with Girls’ Generation. I was close with Sooyoung because we’re the same year at the same university, and I got closer with Yuri through ‘Fashion King.’ There’s no time to meet up with them because they’re so busy, though.”