2PM Taecyeon Apologizes to Infinite Fans

On June 9, 2PM‘s Taecyeon tweeted, “There seems to have been a misunderstanding~ I think it’s good to resolve it like this~ Congratulations to Infinite on their second anniversary, and I will be more careful in the future to prevent further misunderstandings~ ^^”

The reason for Teacyeon’s apology was a result of a misunderstanding spurred from a tweet converation he had shared with G.NA earlier.

On June 8, G.NA had tweeted, “I didn’t place number one on M! Countdown today, but thank you everybody who voted for me to be in the running alongside Baek Ji Young senior and Infinite seniors!” To this Taecyeon tweeted, “I think it’s so weird that the Infinite kids are your seniors, nuna.”

To this, G.NA replied (italicized indicates English), “why! guess age wise….it’s probably because I’m a nuna. Puahaha. U guys r like super seniors man.” Taecyeon than replied, “What do you mean super seniors. like i always say, we’re growing old together.”

Infinite fans who came upon the tweet complained because they had misconstrued the tweet and thought “super seniors” was a reference to Infinite and not 2PM.

Taecyeon tried to wrap up the argument between fans by saying, “No more now~ Because each other’s oppas are precious~ ^^”