How Does Wonder Girls’ Sohee Feel About Being Released From the “No Dating Rule”?

Soompi had previously reported that JYP Entertainment had lifted the “no dating rule” from the Wonder Girls. On the most recent episode of KBS2 “Entertainment Relay” that aired on June 9, Sohee expressed that she was truly happy about being released from the “no dating” rule.

As the reporter and the Wonder Girls enjoyed a late night meal, they talked about a variety of topics including potential unit pairings. Ye Eun chose Yubin because Yubin is “the most adult-like.” Yubin then chose Hyerim so they could form a rap duo.

The reporter than suddenly asked how the members felt now that they were released from the “no dating” rule. All the members said enthusiastically that they wanted to date, but the reporter noticed Sohee’s lack of expression and asked, “Sohee must not be too happy about it.”

Sohee then answered,”That’t not true. This is my extremely desperate face,” and brought laughter to the scene.