Girls’ Generation Becomes First Korean Girl Group to Become Million Seller in Japan

Girls’ Generation has yet again set a record in Japan!

According to the announcement made on June 9 by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, Girls’ Generation’s album “Girls’ Generation” released June 1 of last year sold over one million copies and was given the honorable title of “Million.”

This is the first time a Korean girl group achieved such a feat. BoA is the only solo female singer who had set the record of a million seller before. Following BoA, Girls’ Generation has set a meaningful new record in Japan.

Girls’ Generation rose to the top of the Weekly Oricon Chart with the release of their first album in Japan. The girls also set the record of greatest sales for first album release by an international singer.  Simultaneously, the girls also set the record of being the first Korean girl group to claim the number one spot on the Weekly Oricon Chart. Finally, a year after, they have sold over one million albums.

Girls’ Generation will be releasing their newest Japanese single “Paparazzi” on June 27. The teaser for the music video was released at the end of May. The short teaser showed the nine girls heading toward the performance venue donning fashionable trench coats.

In related news, for the past month, Girls’ Generation’s first unit group TaeTiSeo actively promoted their song “Twinkle” and sweeped various music shows and charts.