A-JAX’s Leader Hyeong Gon Shown Fanning a Dancer

Recently a picture was revealed of A-JAX’s leader Hyeong Gon helping out a staff member backstage.

The picture appeared on A-JAX’s official homepage June 11. The picture was of A-JAX’s waiting room after the recording of MBC’s “Show! Music Core.” Hyeong Gon is shown fanning a dancer who looks exhausted after several performances.

Fans that have come across the picture stated, “He is truly the leader” and “Not only is his face nice and warm but so is his heart.”

A-JAX is DSP Media’s new boy group and their official debut song is “One 4 U.” DSP media spent about $50,000 on computer graphics for the music video. Their group name A-JAX is based on the mythological Greek hero “Ajax.”