Ji Hyun Woo’s Confession Puts Yoo In Na in a Sticky Situation

As previously reported, Ji Hyun Woo caught everyone off-guard by publicly confessing his feelings for his co-star Yoo In Na during a fan event for their latest drama tvN’sQueen In Hyun’s Man.”

Since his confession on June 7, Ji Hyun Woo has been unreachable, going MIA. Meanwhile, Yoo In Na has been put in a sticky situation. Earlier this year, she had been cast in popular variety show MBCWe Got Married.” She and her make-believe husband were supposed to replace Park So Hyun and Kim Won Joon as the new older woman-younger man couple once the show resumed its broadcast this week. However, it appears unclear whether Yoo In Na will even be part of the show now.

Netizens commented, “I hope Ji Hyun Woo’s confession does not negatively impact Yoo In Na,” “I was excited to hear that she was part of ‘WGM S3,’ please don’t let this affect anything,” “I hope they don’t let her go because of this so-called ‘scandal,’” and more.

“Queen In Hyun’s Man” marked Yoo In Na’s first drama as the lead actress and is one of many time-traveling series. However, unlike other series, the hero time hops back and forth from Joseon to the present at will. Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na) is an actress who stars in the historical drama “New Jang Hee Bin” as Queen In Hyun, who is deposed by the scheming, ambitious Lady Jang, also known as Jang Hee Bin. Through coincidence, she runs into Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo), a Joseon era scholar who was in the midst of trying to restore the real Queen In Hyun to her position and power. The two fall in love that truly bends time and space with parties on both sides opposing their relationship. The drama aired its final episode last week on June 7.