Netizens Oppose Casting Yoo In Na on “We Got Married”

Following the unexpected love declaration from Ji Hyun Woo to his “Queen In Hyun’s Man” co-star Yoo In Na last week, the actress has been placed in a uncomfortable situation and faces the possibility of being left out on MBC’sWe Got Married.”

According to several local media, Yoo In Na had been cast in the popular reality show earlier this year. She and her make-believe husband were supposed to replace Park So Hyun and Kim Won Joon as the new older wife-younger husband couple once “We Got married” resumed its broadcast. However, it appears unclear whether Yoo In Na will even be part of the cast now.

Since last week, many netizens have been voicing their complaints against the actress’s participation in the program on the show’s online message boards. Some of the opposing comments include, “The strike hasn’t even been settled yet, just focus on the couples that are already part of the show,” “Given the nature of the show, it’s awkward and unacceptable for WGM to cast someone who’s received a public confession,” “I strongly oppose casting Yoo In Na,” “How can someone be ‘married’ to another when she may or may not be involved with someone else,” and more.

Meanwhile, Yoo In Na’s management, YG Entertainment, revealed that it would not be making an official statement regarding Ji Hyun’s Woo’s public confession.