Will.I.Am Irked by Tiger JK’s Son, Jordan?

Tiger JK recently brought up an incident as a guest on the broadcast of Mnet’s “Volume Ten,” where his son Jordan may have irked the likes of hip hop artist Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas.

Tiger JK had all eyes in the studio on him as he described the curious incident, “Last summer when Will.I.Am gave a performance in Korea, my son Jordan climbed on stage also – receiving screams of excitement and adoration from the crowd.”

He then went on to poke fun at Will.I.Am while revealing just how proud of a father he is, “I think once Will.I.Am saw just how much of a bigger response Jordon got from the audience, he became a little jealous. Jordan might have missed an opportunity to collaborate with him in the future,” causing his wife Yoon Mi Rae seated next to him to chuckle at his mischievous remark.

Tiger JK spent most of the face time he was given on the show to further talk about his beloved son Jordan, “Even though my son is only 4 years old, he already knows how to mimic beats ‘scratched’ by a DJ, rap, break dance and sing.”