IU Dances to “Troublemaker” at Concert

IU recently gave a performance during her “Real Fantasty” concert that set all the online community forums abuzz with her sizzling cover of the dance to “Troublemaker.”

She also dressed fittingly into a more masculine attire while dancing to Rain‘s “Rainism” and moonwalking to one of Michael Jackson‘s hit songs. She then wrapped up her dance segment with “Troublemaker” as HyunA in the choreography. IU delighted concert attendees with her sexy red sleeveless top and black short shorts that accented her lovely form as she transformed from her usual cutesy image to a sexy star.

As soon as the first notes of “Troublemaker” were played, the fans were in uproar with excitement. IU’s daring and sexy performance undoubtedly allowed her to shed her “national sibling” image and reveal “a twenty-year-old singer” one. IU told reporters after the concert, “It was difficult! But wouldn’t you say I am a pretty good dancer?”

Netizens who saw clips of the performances remarked, “IU must have practiced a lot!”, “I think she dances better than HyunA,” “I wish I was there in person to see it!”, “Her transformation was charismatic,” “I thought she would be pretty shy about trying something like that,” and “Her ‘Troublemaker’ performance was amazing.”