Netizens’ Harsh Comments Sent Amy to Intensive Care Unit

Amy recently revealed her thoughts on the comments netizens had made about her face. During the June 11 broadcast of MBC show “Good Day,” Amy describing just how bad their words affected her.

Amy started, “The last two years have been the most difficult for me to endure ever since netizens started posting comments like, ‘You’re ugly, what’s your true face even look like.’ They also made extreme remarks like telling me to take my own life and trying to shame my entire household.”

She continued, “Because of their hurtful remarks, I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror and I couldn’t stop being consumed by dark and negative thoughts. I was plagued my insomnia and depression, earning myself trips to the intensive care unit (ICU).”

On the other hand, Amy’s baby face on the show became the center of positive attention among many viewers.