Kim Tae Hee Married? Fake Facebook Account Confuses Fans

A fake Facebook account was created by a fan, creating great confusion among Facebook users who friend requested and subscribed to Kim Tae Hee‘s supposed profile and mini-feed. The discovery was too late before a false claim was made by the fan managing the account.

Kim Tae Hee’s agency Luah Entertainment spoke on the phone with Enews and released this statement, “Kim Tae Hee personally only uses her me2day account and doesn’t use other social media networking sites. She never created a Facebook account with her name Kim Tae Hee. We have heard for the first time of the existence of this Facebook account. We hope this will help clarify the confusion over what this user has posted recently.”

The person who is in charge of the fake Kim Tae Hee Facebook account has been able to successfully deceive many into thinking it is the actress herself. The Facebook profile has convincing details listed such as her birthday, March 29 1980, her alma mater Seoul University and photos of the actress. And under the friends list, only celebrity names were visible. But what had shocked netizens most was her relationship status that was set as “married” to another fan. Fans from other countries who had subscribed to the Facebook profile began wondering, “Is she really married?” and were in shock to find out that the announcement was made in the manner it was.

Kim Tae Hee’s agency added, “Because of Kim Tae Hee’s activities abroad, it is nearly impossible for us to keep record every single event that publicizes false or true information online. We would prefer if this fake Facebook account was shut down as soon as possible to prevent further discord. Although we have not decided on a project back in Korea for Kim Tae Hee to work on, we think it would be only a matter of time when she will be launching one soon.”