So Ji Sub on Lee Yeon Hee’s Acting

So Ji Sub, who is appearing in the SBS drama “Ghost,” talked about his co-star Lee Yeon Hee‘s acting skills. He said, “On the set I have never felt a moment of awkwardness with her,” at the press conference for “Ghost,” with Lee Yeon Hee, Uhm Ki Joon and Kwak Do Won present.

So Ji Sub shared a few words at the conference, “There are times when the viewers react to something that I just don’t get” and “When I was acting with Lee Yeon Hee I have never felt a moment of awkwardness pass between us.”

He continued, “The audience sees the broadcast and comments on the awkwardness of our interaction, but I think that it is regrettable how this distracts them from being able to enjoy the drama itself. I would only hope that as the viewers watch the drama, they can look favorably upon Lee Yeon Hee as well as the rest of the actors’ performances.”

Lee Yeon Hee plays the part of a cyber detective with a pretty face named Yoo Kang Mi and So Ji Sub assumes the role of her partner Kim Woo Hyun.

“Ghost” is a drama that warns viewers about the power social networking sites wield. The drama itself has created a “crime investigation syndrome” that began in 2011 with “Sign” and has received waves of favorable criticism from fans for the work of writer Kim Eun Hee.