Ji Hyun Woo Talks about His Surprise Confession to Yoo In Na on Twitter

On June 11, Ji Hyun Woo cleared all the rumors about his recent whereabouts on Twitter.

He wrote, “Aigo! Everyone’s so worried about me! I’m doing fine, I didn’t just vanish into thin air, so please stop worrying about me!” He also added, “Even when the exact same situation comes, I am going to do exactly what I did! Oh and also, people say that those who are too concerned about other people never turn out to be great, so please, cut me a slack. Let’s be happy together!”

His latter tweet was referring to what he had said about co-star Yoo In Na at the latest fan event of tvN’s “Queen In Hyun’s Man.” Previously on June 7, Ji Hyun Woo confessed his feelings to Yoo In Na saying, “I sincerely love Yoo In Na.” His unexpected confession shocked everyone, including Yoo In Na. She responded to his confession, “I’m so shocked. We’re going to have to have a serious conversation about what had just happened after this event.”

Netizens commented on Ji Hyun Woo’s recent Twitter posts, “That was really brave,” “Shouldn’t you be more considerate of Yoo In Na?” “Well, I’m glad he didn’t just disappear,” and “Everyone needs to leave Ji Hyun Woo alone.”

In other news, this event spawned a parody by Kim Ji Suk about Park Han Byul.