Junsu of 2PM (Jun.K) Releases MV for New Solo Track “Love…Goodbye”

Junsu of 2PM, (otherwise known as Jun.K) released a new solo track, “Love…Goodbye” for the new drama, “I Love Lee Tae Ri” OST. This track is the theme song for the leading male role of Geum Eun Dong, which is played by Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum.

“Love…Goodbye” is an emotional ballad with orchestral and classical guitar accompaniments. 2PM’s main vocal, Junsu shows off his explosive singing skills through this song.

The music video contains various scenes of Geum Eun Dong’s endeavors throughout the drama as well as cuts of Junsu recording the track in a studio.

It is reported that Junsu finished recording this track in record time, which pleasantly surprised the staff. He stated, “I’m so happy that I am able to meet my fans through another solo track for the first time in a while. I heard that ‘I Love Lee Tae Ri’ is receiving positive feedback so I hope you guys will love ‘Love…Goodbye’ as well.”

Check out the music video below: