Boyfriend Releases MV Teaser for “Love Style”

With Boyfriend‘s new mini album “Love Style” being released later this week on June 14, their teaser music video for their title track was released today on YouTube.

The teaser gives off a colorful and energetic look that Boyfriend is known for. The beginning part shows off a brief dance battle with a little girl followed by the rest of the group showing off their dance moves and bright fashion.

Produced by famous composer Sweetune, their album their mini album will contain seven tracks.

The group last released their single “I’ll Be There” last December. Boyfriend has also started their Japanese promotions and will hold a showcase there at the end of the month.

Love Style Track List
01. I’m In Love (01:05)
02. Love Style (러브스타일) (03:09_
03. Super Hero (03:46)
04. 소나기 (One day) (03:28)
05 .완전한 여인(Wonderful Girl) (03:06)
06. 쉽게 보지마(Do) (02:54)
07. Love style Inst. (03:09)