Dal Shabet’s Newest Member Woohee’s High School Photo Revealed

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Dal Shabet was to add a new member to the group. Dal Shabet’s latest member Woohee was made public through teaser images and even a video teaser. Now, her high school graduation photo has surfaced.

A post entitled, “Woohe’s High School Graduation Picture” was made to a portal site’s bulletin board. With the post came the following photo of the twenty year-old.

In the photo, Woohee is seen sporting her school’s uniform along with a neat hairstyle. It was Woohee’s intense gaze and perfect features which turned into the subject of focus for netizens. If one were to collect the graduation photos for each girl group members Woohee’s would be the most intimidating. The photo revealed the sharp features of her eyes, nose, and chin which made up her innocent face.

Netizen’s reacted to the photo saying, “I’m not sure if she looks prettier now or then,” “She has such a cute baby face,” and “Wow, I wasn’t expecting her to look like that.”

Recently, Dal Shabet released their first full-length album “Bang Bang.” The album marked Woohee’s official debut with the group. They are now in the midst of their busy schedule as they are working hard to promote their title track, “Mr. Bang Bang.”

What are your thoughts on Woohee’s graduation photo? Does she look that much different now?