f(x)’s “Electric Shock” Conquers Korean Music Charts

Girl group f(x)’s long awaited comeback song, “Electric Shock” is topping Korea’s music charts.

Yesterday, f(x) released their second mini-album entitled, “Electric Shock” to the public. Since then the group’s comeback track has shown its strength as it managed to capture the first place spot on MellonSoribadaNaver, and Bugs’ real-time music charts upon its release. Currently, the single occupies the top spot on various music charts throughout Korea.

It has been about a year since f(x) last appeared on the music scene with new content. When the teaser images for the album were made public quickly fans began to speculate about the group’s upcoming release. The group photo in which all of the members donned animal masks had captured the public’s attention immediately. The additional teaser photos which followed showed off the member’s strong personalities and unique characteristics, along with the teaser video for the album and title track, “Electric Shock” all added to the anticipation.

The title track of “Electric Shock” is an electronic dance track with the lyrics describing someone who has been electrocuted by love.

Coming up, the music video for “Electric Shock” will be released on June 13. Also, f(x) is scheduled to appear on the MNET’s “M! Countdown” later this week. This appearance will mark the group’s first comeback stage and their activities will continue from there.