Cast of “Infinity Challenge” Holds Secret Rehearsals

Infinity Challenge” has a top-secret rehearsal location?

The cast of MBC’s headline variety program, “Infinity Challenge” have been practicing in a secret location during the strike. This knowledge has recently been made public. According to various media sources the members of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” have been holding regular meetings in the basement of a building in southern Seoul.

The members of the show continue to practice despite not having a new episode air in nearly nineteen weeks. As far as their concerned the labor strike has gone on too long to even recall anymore what was at the heart of the matter. The home away from the studio is roughly eighty square meters and because of the relatively large space is perfect for rehearsals as the crew can practice dance. Could this possibly be a sign that the strike is finally over?

“Infinity Challenge” has been missing from MBC’s Saturday evening line-up since late January due to a labor strike of MBC workers against their CEO Kim Jae Chul and the lack of journalistic integrity and freedom at the broadcast station. This feud has caused the station to take a major hit in ratings, particularly in the network’s variety department which has suffered the most as they continue to lose viewers to rival broadcasters. Because of this there are rumors circling about the network talking with the workers about a possible settlement. That along with the fact the members have cleared up their schedules lately hints at the possible end of the strike and the show’s return right around the corner. Only time will tell for sure.