MYNAME Releases Dance Ver. MV for “Hello & Goodbye” and Japanese Debut Teaser

After revealing their comeback music video for “Hello & Goodbye two weeks ago, rookie group MYNAME has now released their dance version video.

As the normal music video featured a drama storyline, this dance version completely focuses on their choreography. While it is an R&B song, “Hello & Goodbye” features a lot of fast paced movements.

Currently, MYNAME is working on their live promotions of their title track. It was their first comeback since their debut eight months ago.

Also released today was MYNAME’s teaser for their Japanese debut song “Message.” The group had made their Korean debut with the original version of that song last October.” Despite recently making their Korean comeback with “Hello & Goodbye” they are also getting ready for their Japanese promotions this summer as their single will be released on June 25.