After School Lizzy Reveals Shockingly Sexy Teaser Image

The teaser image for After School’s Lizzy was released today on June 12, for their upcoming comeback which will be on June 21. The concept of the teaser image was their fifth mini album “Flashback.”

For the teaser image, Lizzy threw off her usual cute girly image and showed off her shockingly sexy beauty.

After School’s agency Pledis Entertainment stated, “Lizzy was shown in a concept that was opposite of her usual image, in order for the teaser image to show off a new image and express different emotions. We hope you anticipate ‘Flashback’ which will feature the critical charms of the After School members such as strong charisma or soft refinement.”

Currently, a lot of attention is being given to After School’s comeback because of the departure of Kahi and arrival of the new member “Ga Eun.”