Past Photos Show 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun Deserving of “Innocent and Sexy Dance” Girl Group

Past photos of 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun have been revealed.

On June 12, Nam Ji Hyun posted several old photos of herself on her twitter account, accompanied by the tweet, “I was excited during my university’s festival in May of 2008, and had makeup on by myself. Now that I look back, it was slightly tacky. I insisted on going on stage”.

The old photos reveal a slightly chubbier Nam Ji Hyun with smooth milky skin, giving off a more childlike appearance. She had the same innocent charm as she does now, and the same half-moon shaped eyes when smiling. In the third picture, she forgoes the cutesy look and shows a sexier side. On stage for her university’s festival, she sports a black miniskirt, high heels, and long hair let loose for the sexy look.

Netizens who have seen the photos gave a variety of responses, including, “she’s combined cute and sexy since then,” “she looked like a complete child,” “I can’t believe the photos are from four years ago; she looks the same,” and “what an intense pose”.