Under the Radar – Nard

Singer-songwriter Nard possesses a soothing and relaxing tone when listening to his music. His songs are mostly emotional ballad types but along with female soloist Fiore, his music is bliss.

Underground hip hop rapper and lyricist H-One and king of R&B Kim Jo Han’s vocal line January lends their unique voices to participate in the song “Sun,” under his first album “Someday, I Met.” In the track “Forgotten” with Fiore, the song tells of the love experience and break ups between men and women. Before releasing his album last April, he was also featured in Fiore’s first single.

An artist full of talent and passion like Nard, like the meaning behind his name (being aromatic), can you follow the scent of his music?


Management: W Entertainment
Debut: “Someday, I Met…”
Music Style/Genre: Ballad, R&B/Urban

Full name: Choi Seung Hwan
Born: February 19, 1985
Physique: 180cm, 72kg
Family: Father Choi Hyung Geun, Young sibling Choi Seong Hwan
Education: Induk High School
2010 – Now-Newie “Kiss Time” & “Behind The Scenes” – Vocal & Featuring
2010 – Blady 1st Album “왜이래” – Lyricist, Composer & Director
2011 – Whack Sound Producer
2011 – 신의 프시키온 OST “심상치 않다” & “황당 고양이” – Composer & Lyricist


Now-Newie – Kiss Time (Single)
Released: 2010.11.05
01. Kiss Time (Feat. 꽃, 나드)
02. Behind The Scenes (Feat. 꽃, 나드)

꽃 (Fiore) – Broken Heart (Single)

01. Broken Heart (Feat. Nard)
02. 잊고싶다 (Feat. Nard)
03. Broken Heart (Inst.)

Someday, I Met… (Album)

01. 버리지마 (Prologue)(Feat. Mpapa)
02. 버리지마 [Title]
03. Sun(Feat. 일월, H-One)
04. 잊혀진다 (Feat. 꽃)
05. 돌아오길
06. Smile [Title]
07. 버리지마 (Inst.)
08. 돌아오길 (Inst.)
09. Smile (Inst.)


Nard – “Smile”

Fiore ft. Nard – Broken Heart
Fiore ft. Nard – 잊고싶다

Sources + Credits: sawtiger@Naver Blog + zoo9153@Naver Blog (original pictures), Nate + Naver (profile information), Mardi09@Soompi (compilation, photo editing + translations)

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