Shinhwa’s Andy Introduces a New Boy Group 100%

Shinhwa’s Andy has recently announced a brand new boy group in the making.

On June 12, Andy attended the press conference for a new SBS MTV program, “Teen Top’s Let’s Rise 100% – Issues and Wars” and announced, “I hope the rookie group, 100%, will mature and grow as much as Shinhwa.”

Andy continued, “I really hope 100% grows as much as Shinhwa. I hope they will never break up for 14 years and build up a tight friendship. I also hope they will continue to give flashy performances and receive a lot of love from the fans throughout the years.”

As the CEO of an entertainment agency, Andy founded the highly popular boy band Teen Top in 2010. Now Andy is making moves for his next project, 100%, who will debut in this coming August. 100% consists of Hyuk Jin, Rok Hyun, Chan Yong, Min Woo, Sang Hoon, Jong Hwan and Chang Bum, for a total of seven members. It is said that their plan to stand out from other boy groups is to be centered around their vocal skills and have strong performances.

Andy also commented, “Both Teen Top and 100% are very competitive groups. I hope they will try hard to battle for the 1st and 2nd place.”

“Teen Top’s Let’s Rise 100% – Issues and Wars” is a reality show that features Teen Top and 100%, who will both carry on a series of missions to rise on top of the K-Pop scene. The first episode will air on June 16.