Jung Il Woo Chosen as New Face of Domino Pizza

Recently, Jung Il Woo has been selected to endorse Domino Pizza. Jung Il Woo has become a rising Hallyu star in China after appearing on popular Chinese TV show “Tian Tian Xiang Shang.” Due to his wide popularity in China, he has been invited to attend “Shanghai TV Festival” as well, proving his status as the new Hallyu superstar.

Throughout his acting career, Jung Il Woo has shown steadily excellent performances. His successful acting career has contributed greatly in shaping his public image as a gentle, friendly, and hardworking young man. As a result, Jung Il Woo has become one of the most desirable stars in advertisement. So far he has signed exclusive contracts to endorse beauty-cosmetics products, snacks, and a smartphone brand.

A representative from Domino Pizza stated, “Jung Il Woo has this healthy and trustworthy character. Therefore, we thought that he is suitable to represent Domino Pizza and our slogan, ‘We know the Pizza.’ Also, he loves pizza in real life, too. We are happy to work with him.” The TV commercial of Domino Pizza featuring Jung Il Woo will start airing in mid June.