T-ara’s Hyomin Flaunts Her Long Legs in Micro-sized Shorts

T-ara Hyomin‘s amazing personal style garnered attention online once again. Recently, pictures of Hyomin appeared on an online community forum. Unlike her extravagant onstage self, Hyomin in the revealed pictures look down to earth with minimum make up on.

Hyomin, who is known for her sense of style, is wearing black polka-dotted ivory blouse with extremely short vintage denim shorts. With her long, beautiful brown hair naturally flowing down her shoulders, Hyomin looks elegant, feminine, and stylish in these revealed photos. Her micro-sized shorts emphasize her long, shapely legs.

Netizens commented on these pictures of Hyomin, “She looks innocent and yet, sexy all at the same time,” “She’s like a goddess,” “Hyomin, the walking mannequin!”

Meanwhile, T-ara will be launching their official fanclub “Queen’s” on July 14.On August 11, T-ara will be holding their very first exclusive concert in Seoul, Korea.