Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi Receive Cars

A snapshot of SBS “K-Pop Star“s Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi together appeared on an online community forum recently. As the winner and the runner-up of SBS “K-Pop Star,” Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi each received i40 and i30 from Hyundai Motors. Park Ji Min has also received cash prize of 300 million Korean Won (approximately $257,000 USD), promised a role in a TV drama, and endorsement contracts as the winner of the competition.

Netizens commented, “Finally, they received their cars!” “They look like real celebrities in their dresses,” “I heard Park Ji Min gave 300 million Won to her parents. I wonder what she’s going to do with the car. Isn’t she too young to drive anyway?” “Do either one of them have a driver’s license?” and “I hope they take a proof shot with their new cars!” After SBS “K-Pop Star” ended, Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi each signed exclusive contracts with JYP and YG Entertainment.