A-JAX Enters the K-Pop Scene with a “Soldier’s Mind”

Rookie group A-JAX has entered the K-Pop scene with a “soldier’s mind.” With years of hard training behind them, A-JAX’s drive for success is stronger than ever. It is one of the reasons why they chose their name to be A-JAX, which was taken from a Greek legend’s hero, Ajax.

A-JAX firmly determined, “We must be victors in this war of idols.” They confirmed their militaristic mind through their debut title track, “One 4 U,” which contains difficult and dangerous choreography. One of the members Jae Hyung suffered a stretched ligament in his neck and Seung Yup had hurt his right shoulder due to the hard dance moves.

A-JAX is the only active male group in DSP Media, which is home to Kara and Rainbow. A-JAX is the third generation boy group following SS501 and Sechskies, which is why more interest had been brought upon them. So A-JAX stated, “We received a lot of support from our agency and there is also the face of our seniors so we must not be a disgrace to them.” This further exhibits A-JAX’s “soldier mentality.”

A-JAX will be debuting in Japan this coming August. They are one of the few groups who have decided to debut in Korea and Japan on similar times. Usually, idol groups build up their popularity and fame in Korea before moving on to Japan.

“It is burdensome for us to think that we are pioneers. But because our seniors SS501 and Kara have already made it so big in Japan, we believe that it would be easier for us than other groups right now,” they continued.

Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for this rising group!