Super Junior’s Leeteuk Reveals a Secret About his Body on “Strong Heart”

Leeteuk makes a shocking confession about his body.

On the June 12 broadcast of SBS’ “Strong Heart,” Leeteuk appeared alongside fellow Super Junior member Eunhyuk with Lee Chang Myung, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Yoo Mi, Secret’s Sunhwa, and Infinite’s Sung Gyu.

During the broadcast the twenty-eight-year-old Super Junior leader revealed a secret regarding his body. It turns out that he has one less vertebra than the average human being. An average person has twenty-six vertebrae whereas Leeteuk reports to only have twenty-five.

His explanation attracted much attention from the audience, “I had experienced chronic back pain when I went to the doctor, who then took x-rays to find out what was causing it. That’s when he told me that I was missing a vertebra,” he continued, “When I was a young child I always had a crooked posture. x-rays revealed that I had one less vertebra than everyone else. Somehow overtime two of my vertebrae had fused together.”

Upon hearing Leeteuk’s story Eunhyuk spoke up saying, “Its okay Leeteuk I will give you an extra spine.” To which the MC replied, “It seems these two were a match made in heaven,” which caused everyone to erupt in laughter.