BoA Expresses Her Love for Kdramas

BoA revealed that she’s a kdrama-fanatic. On June 13, she tweeted, “Why are there so many fun dramas these days. I might stay up all night watching dramas.” Last May, the singer also received attention for making jokes with Shin Se Kyung regarding the latter’s “Fashion King” through twitter, proving that she was closely following the drama.

Additionally, BoA had talked about her obsession with dramas during an episode of KBS “Win Win,” where she also named Yoo Ah In as her ideal man.

Netizens who saw BoA’s recent tweet commented, “What dramas are you watching these days? Let’s watch it together,” “I’m a drama-holic as well,” “Do you have time to watch dramas?” “I love kdramas too,” and more.