Lee Min Jung’s Chubby Cheeks in Old Photos Stir Up Netizens

Actress Lee Min Jung’s old photos were recently uploaded on an online community and have been receiving much attention

A still of Lee Min Jung playing Lee Na Young’s friend in 2004 film, “Someone Special,” was uploaded on the board with the comment, “no way, it’s just someone with the same voice, right?”

The Lee Min Jung in the capture still shows a lot of baby fat with chubby cheeks, and some bloat around the eyes, giving a much cuter look than her current feminine image.  Her perfect milky skin and distinctive voice foretell her future star power and current success.

Responses from netizens regarding the photo were varied, including “you’re lying, is it really Lee Min Jung?  Looks like a different person,” “she was chubby then, but still cute,” “you don’t even see Lee Min Jung when you watch the movie.  Lee Na Young is really beautiful,” “it’s just that she seems tackier than now, but she was still beautiful,” and “is it from her time as Kangnam’s ulzzang”.

Lee Min Jung is currently starring in KBS’s “Big” as the nice and charismatic, yet clumsy high school teacher, Gil Daran.