The Wonder Girls Reveal Their Ideal Types

On June 11, the Wonder Girls guested on SBS RadioJung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Tonight” and answered fans’ questions about their ideal types. Yubin revealed, “My ideal type is someone who is athletic.” Hyelim followed, “Recently, my ideal man changed. I like someone I can learn from.” Yeeun replied, “A fatalist.” She continued, “I’m the type who can’t refuse others, so I don’t like blind dates.”

Sohee answered, “I like someone I can feel comfortable around.” However, when she was asked whether the man would still be acceptable if he had a easy personality but lacked in looks, Sohee honestly added, “I look at appearances.”

During the episode, the girls also talked about the daily lives in the States, revealing, “At first, we used to eat out all the time, but then we started cooking, making menus like cream pasta. Now, we’re able to create a variety of food.”