Netizens Awed at Kim Tae Hee’s Perfect ID Photo

As she mentioned during her fan meeting last week, Kim Tae Hee recently earned her scuba diving license. Earlier today, a photo of her license made its way to the internet, and it has been one of the hottest trending topics of the day.

Titled “Even Kim Tae Hee’s ID Photo Looks Perfect,” a photo of her license propped in what appears to be her celebratory cake was posted on several online communities, garnering positive remarks. Netizens were especially drawn to her perfect identification photo. Unlike so many others, Kim Tae Hee looked flawless in her ID, where she smiled softly and oh-so-femininely.

Netizens commented, “Whoa, Kim Tae Hee really has a scuba diving license,” “Her ID photo looks so pretty, puts mine to shame,” “What can’t she do,” and more.