Hwang Jung Eum with a Reggae Perm Partying it Up in a Club?

A picture was revealed of Hwang Jung Eum partying it up at a club, 7 years ago! On June 13 an internet community board posted the picture with the title, “Hwang Jung Eum, she looks really excited.”

The clothes that she is wearing in the picture are humorous. She has a reggae perm while wearing a cap. Her tank top completely shows her abdomen and she is wearing red flare pants. Her belt looks like a boxing championship belt because it is so large. Also, Hwang Jung Eum’s skin looks much tanned.

The picture is from a remix music video for SG Wannabe’s “Kwang.” She appeared on the music video with Han Eun Jung, competing with her over the same guy.

Netizens commented, “Was she 21 back then?” “She looks more like Hwang Bo,” and “I bet she wants to burn this picture.”

Hwang Jung Eum is currently filming the upcoming MBC medical drama “Golden Time” that will begin broadcasting in July.