Boyfriend’s Minwoo Makes Female Fans Swoon with His Chocolate Abs

17-year-old Minwoo from Boyfriend captured the eyes (and hearts) of female netizens with a single, revealing photo. Earlier today, a photo, titled “Boyfriend’s Minwoo! Baby-faced Minwoo’s Unexpected Abs,” made its way to several online communities, garnering tremendous attention and clicks.

In the photo, Minwoo is seen holding up his shirt, flaunting his chocolate abs. A stark contrast from his baby-face, the young singer’s toned body instantly put Minwoo’s name in the ranks with one of the hottest and fit male idols.

Netizens commented, “This isn’t photoshopped, is it?” “He looks like a baby, yet his body isn’t one,” “Wow, he must be  working out nonstop,” “From boy to man,” “Perfect chocolate abs,”  and more.

In related news, Boyfriend will be making a comeback tomorrow, June 14, with a new mini-album titled “Love Style.

Check out the music video teaser for “Love Style” below!