Netizens Curious about Mystery Boy Hugging Girls’ Generation Member

As we reported yesterday, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun has been attracting attention for her thoughtful personality as she was frequently seen taking care of her fellow members. In the latest screenshot documenting her good deed, netizens were not only drawn to Seohyun and Taeyeon, but also the couple in front of them. The couple was spotted with their arms around each other’s shoulder and waist, piquing netizens’ interest.

Netizens observed that the girl was a member of Girls’ Generation as she wore the same stage outfit as Seohyun. Based on the short hair and boyish clothing, netizens also assumed that the person was part of a boy group. However, it’s been revealed that the “boy” was in fact not a boy, but f(x)’s Amber.

Netizens commented, “Oh, it was Amber!” “Haha, that’s funny,” “Totally fooled me,” “Amber’s always mistaken for a boy,” and more.