After School’s Jung Ah and Uee Continue the Shockingly Sexy Teaser Images

Wowza, the sexy marathon continues! Yesterday we were treated with a picture of After School’s Lizzy, today it is Jung Ah and Uee!

In Jung Ah’s teaser, she is shown wearing a black see-through dress and killer heels. Uee is seen sitting on a couch wearing stunningly short hot pants.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “This teaser will focus on the beautiful bodylines of each After School member. We didn’t need to do any corrections (Photoshop and the sort). Please continue to anticipate the teaser images that will be released.”

After School fans rejoice, their comeback will arrive one day earlier than the planned release of June 21! After School’s comeback will be on June 20, which is the day when their fifth mini album “Flashback” will be released online. Each teaser image fits in with the overall concept of “Flashback.”