T-ara’s Boram Looks Younger Than Her Actual Age

Recently a picture of T-ara’s Boram was shown, and she looked a lot younger than her actual age! An online community board posted the two pictures of her with the title, “An awesome picture taken by a fan of Boram born in 1986. She looks very young.”

In the revealed picture, it shows the T-ara members arriving at the airport. Boram is wearing a “Bottomless Look” shirt. It makes her body look even longer. Although she and Qri are the eldest, the picture makes Boram look very young.

Netizens that have come across Boram’s picture stated, “How is she only 27? If someone said that she was 20 I would believe them,” “I am so envious. How can she look so young?” and “You can’t help but admit that she looks young.”