More than 7,000 Japanese Fans to Visit South Korea to See JYJ

Japanese fans flew en masse to South Korea! According to C-JeS Entertainment on June 13, “In order to attend the “JYJ Membership Week” which is kind of like a fan meeting, nearly 7,000 members of the fan club are coming. This will be the largest amount of foreigners entering into South Korea.”

These 7,000 fans will fly from 14 different airports and 116 different airplanes to visit South Korea. During the “JYJ Membership Week” nearly 1,000 hotel rooms in Seoul, Incheon, and Suwon were reserved.

A representative stated, “15,000 fans did a lottery for the event and 7,024 were chosen. No other Hallyu star has had such a large amount of Japanese fans visit for a single event. JYJ will write a new history for South Korean tourism.”