Girls’ Generation Members Give Feedback on Sooyoung’s First MC Show

Sooyoung shared the feedback from her fellow Girls’ Generation members of her first live broadcast.

One Night of TV Entertainment” was aired on June 13 and reported various celebrity news. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Yoon Do Hyun had been chosen as the new MCs of the show and had started emceeing last week.

During the show, Sooyoung asked her co-MC, “How did you feel after the first broadcast?” Then Yoon Do Hyun answered, “I thought that I really needed to cut my bangs.”

Then Sooyoung revealed what the other Girls’ Generation members thought of her first broadcast. She said, “After the girls watchd my first broadcast, they commented that I was acting so careful and calm, which is totally different from my usual self. But this is a live broadcast so I shouldn’t just let go of myself and my mentality!”

At Sooyoung’s honest words, Yoon Do Hyun humorously replied, “The Girls’ Generation members made an accurate statement.” Both MCs then went on to start their second broadcast of the show.