T-ara’s Boram Bites Jiyeon’s Index Finger?

T-ara’s Boram and Jiyeon recently uploaded a new photo that called attention to their doll-like appearances and aegyo charm.

On the 12th, Boram tweeted, “If you look carefully, I’m biting Jiyeon’s finger. Ang~” along with the photo of the two girls.

The two are posed with their heads close together and staring into the camera lens with beckoning smiles. From this angle Boram and Jiyeon appear to strongly resemble dolls with their bright eyes and lovely complexions, as Jiyeon’s finger is bitten by Boram in a playful, puppy-like manner.

The netizens who saw the photo commented, “All the fans’ hearts must be melting right now”, “You guys really look like dolls”, and “The playful, mischievous and smiling sides of you both are cute as ever”.